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Our Story

DIY Yurt Kits FounderOn most sites, an About Us page gives some boring information about the company. Well, I wanted to do something a little different and show you the personal side to The Yurt Store.

My name is Nathan and I am the founder of The Yurt Store. My story (and ultimately the story of The Yurt Store) begins in Northern Canada where I grew up and lived for a good chunk of my life. Yes, as the stereotypes go, I loved hockey and maple syrup but most importantly, I couldn't get enough of nature. Fishing, hiking, camping and spending most of my time in the vast Canadian wilderness was a way of life. It was a simple and uncomplicated life.

However, as most do when you grow up, we leave our childhood life behind and head to the "real world". For me this meant working from 9-5 and struggling with the concrete jungle of the large city. Long commutes into work every morning, spending more money than I could possibly make, stressed out beyond belief and on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

After about 10 years of trudging through the city life, I realized that I couldn't keep going at this rate as it would literally kill me. I knew there was more to life. I knew I was missing something. I was longing for freedom. I wanted a simpler life without mortgage payments, car insurance and hour long commutes. I wanted to get back to my childhood roots.

It was on that day that I decided to quit my job, sell essentially everything I owned and become a nomad. Yes, my family and friends thought I was crazy but I knew I had to do something if I wanted to live a better life. Sure it may have been a little drastic and I don't recommend you just up and quit your job to become a traveling nomad. At the time I felt so hopeless that I knew the only way I was going to make this work was to completely blow up the life I had created.

The Problems With Being a Nomad

10 ft yurt kitThis new life provided me with a ton of new opportunities. I got to do some amazing things such as ATVing through the jungles of Costa Rica, hanging out with elephants in Thailand, paragliding in Colombia, and so much more. Even with all the adventures and experiences, homesickness really started to settle in. I began to realize that I needed a home.

I needed a place where I can go and unwind, a place to call my own. It was finally time to slow down and stay in one spot for awhile. I knew that I didn't want to live in the city and that I didn't want to spend a fortune on a home that would bog me down with mortgage payments. I was looking for a nice, quiet piece of land with a simple house built on it. Nothing fancy, just a place where I can call home and enjoy the easy going life in nature.

Unfortunately, finding this place was extremely difficult. There are very few homes that are affordable and come with a nice piece of land. Apparently, there is quite a bit of demand for these rustic homes in the countryside.

This is when I happened to come across several nomadic families living in Mongolian Yurts (this is the benefit of traveling through Asia - you get to see some cool things). The second I saw these truly nomadic people living happily out of a yurt, I knew that this was the answer to all of my problems. Now, all I needed to do was find a piece of land and a nice yurt.

To my surprise, finding the land turned out to be much easier than finding a yurt. You see, I wasn't looking for a custom built yurt. I didn't want to hire someone to build me a small yurt home. I just wanted to find a DIY yurt kit that I could put together by myself or with a few friends. Something simple, cost effective and useful.

I couldn't find anyone that offered this type of yurt. It was always custom built from scratch. I wanted a solution that I could just quickly put up and customize it as I see fit. I wanted something that would be durable and require little maintenance.

The Yurt Store Was Born

As you may have guessed by now, this lead me to launching The Yurt Store, where you can find alternative living solutions that are easy to set up, cost effective, durable and require little maintenance. I am continuing to expand the site to find other alternative living solutions such as container homes or dome houses but whatever I sell, they will always follow these four product pillars:

  1. They will be Affordable
  2. It will be Easy to Setup
  3. They will be Durable
  4. They will be Easy to Maintain

These 4 pillars describe every yurt, dome house and container home that The Yurt Store offers. I promise that your alternative housing option will be affordable, easy to setup, durable and of course easy to maintain.

Guiding Principle of The Yurt Store

Beyond the product specifications that I was looking for, I also found it difficult to uncover useful information about setting up yurts. How to add plumbing or electricity. Can I had rooms if I wanted to? What do I do with the floor? Even though I was looking for a simple and effective solution to owning a house, I still wanted it to be comfortable.

This information was confusing and very misleading as there seemed to be a lot of inaccurate information on the web (surprising, I know :))

This is why The Yurt Store offers a free 30 minute consultation. This is why we publish detailed and accurate blog posts that outline how to customize your yurt so it becomes a comfortable home. We have yurt experts standing by during business hours, so if you ever have questions, there is someone to answer them.

I wanted a place where you can understand everything you need to know about setting up a yurt and living the yurt life. Customer service from expertly trained people is a must and it is a guiding principle of The Yurt Store.

Where To Go From Here

I understand that this About Us page is a little more personal and a little lengthier that it is "suppose" to be. I did this as I wanted everyone to know that living the simple life is possible.

If you are currently stuck in the concrete jungle with high mortgage payments and ridiculously long commutes, it is possible for you to slow things down and go back to the simple way of life. It is possible to get a quiet piece of land and live out your days on your terms.

All of this is more affordable and doable than you ever thought possible.

I wanted you all to know that no matter how lost you feel at the moment, we have a solution that will help you get back to that simple and carefree life. Your first step to taking back your life is to simply give us a call. We will help guide you through everything you need. We will answer your questions and show you the path to the simple life.

Want to learn even more about The Yurt Store? Check out our Core Values or see Why You Should Buy From Us.

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