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Are Yurts The Tiny Home You've Been Looking For?

The tiny house movement has been gaining power for over a decade now. The current housing market continues to become more and more expensive and for many people the idea of going hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt is not very appealing. The issue with most tiny homes however is that you either have to build it yourself, or hire a professional to do so.

Doing it yourself requires real construction and carpentry skills while hiring a professional to do the work can make the project quite costly. Yurts are the perfect in between option since they are made by professionals but can be assembled by anyone with even a basic understanding of construction.

What Exactly is a Yurt


Yurts are circular shelters that have been used for thousands of years as homes by the nomadic tribes of Asia, most notably Mongolia. These primitive versions were designed to be easily erected and broken down once it was time to move.

Modern luxury yurts are based on the designs of these ancient nomadic shelters but feature state of the art improvements. In our yurts you will find that the original thin wooden frame has been replaced with aluminum which is both stronger and lighter making them much sturdier and safer during storms and high winds.

The felt and wool covers have been replaced with a combination of modern insulation and a waterproof outside cover that helps keep moisture out, and combined with the insulation helps to regulate the inside temperature.

Benefits of Living in a Yurt


The main benefits of living in a yurt style tiny house is that they can be much cheaper than other alternative home options, and depending on what you are looking for, can built to be mobile or stationary like a normal house.

Yurts can range in size from 91 sq.ft. all the way to over 2,000 sq.ft. meaning that whatever the right size is for you, you can find it in a yurt. Yurt homes come in a “kit” which we can deliver to any address in the world for free. Depending on what size yurt you decide to purchase, the kit will arrive in either one box, or several. Assembling the yurt is similar to putting together Ikea furniture...just on a bigger scale. All the necessary pieces for construction are included, just follow the directions and put them together.

Yurts can be built on virtually any terrain and are extremely versatile. This makes them a perfect choice for someone looking to go off-grid. The aluminum frame can support up to 200lbs of additional weight on top of the roof so you can instal solar panels or a small wind turbine. Since the roof is circular you can make the most of the sun’s rays and set up your solar panel array in a way that it can absorb the most sunlight possible.

At Home Inside a Yurt


While yurt kits can differ in size and window count, what the yurt looks like inside is completely up to you. As long as the yurt you choose has enough space for it, you can build separate rooms to house things like a kitchen or bathroom.

Even though the height of the yurt on the side may not seem that tall, the center of the yurt can reach heights of 15ft in a yurt like our 845 sq.ft. Gauguin Yurt. The high ceilings mean that you can easily build a lofted second floor on which to build a bedroom.

Just because yurts are circular and look different than normal homes it doesn’t mean that you need to leave the comforts of those homes behind. Yurts can be retrofitted with central heating and cooling, electricity, and even plumbing. All of these things are run through the floor of the yurt and will produce a living condition similar to the one of any suburb home at a fraction of the cost. 

If you are looking for a mobile tiny home yurts can work for that as well. If you decide to keep the the inside of the yurt the same as the way in which it arrives and not build any additional rooms or lofts, it can be broken down the same way it was put together and moved to a new location. 

The Perfect Tiny Home


Yurt homes fit into the life you want, they don’t force you to fit your life around them. The low cost means that you do not have to put your financial well-being in jeopardy just so that you have a place to live.

They are the perfect off-grid living option since they are easily shipped to virtually anywhere in the world, and can support a full array of off-grid living necessities like solar panels, wind turbines, and a full spectrum of off-grid bathroom options like incinerating or composting toilets.

The small footprint and unique conical shape of the yurt means that it is easy to keep cool during the summer, and with the addition of a simple fan, can keep the heat right where you want it during the winter.

To learn more about all of our yurt options click here and find out what a yurt life can mean for you.

Images by Instagram users @sashajuliard , @fursty , @kelseyannrose , @studiochenoweth

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