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Get Inspired With These 5 Luxury Yurt Cabins

Like all homes a yurt is a blank canvas on which to paint your life. I remember when I stepped through the front door of my family's first home. It was amazing. The blank white walls, the empty rooms, that clean AC smell during the heat of the summer. Even at 11 I knew that it was a special place waiting to be filled with a lifetime of memories, and a yurt is no different.

Even though yurt kits arrive as just some walls, a roof, windows, and doors, the true value of a yurt is what it will house - all the dreams, laughter, and memories that will be made inside it’s round walls. With these dreams in mind we wanted to show you the possibilities of what your dream yurt home could look like with a little bit of work and imagination.

The Warm Family Home


Your yurt home can have all the comforts of a regular house. With a little bit of vision and a dose of elbow grease you can create a truly warm family environment in which to host dozens of Thanksgiving dinners, family reunions, and birthdays. An easy upgrade that will immediately take your yurt home up a notch is a wooden floor.

Wooden floors, or laminate floors that look like wood, can instantly make your home look warmer, and with a few decorative rugs, and some mood lighting in the wall/roof corner you will be immediately thrust into cozy land.

The Two Story Yurt


While most people choose to build their yurt directly on the ground, there are those who decide to spend a little bit more time in the prepping and foundation stage and actually build a first floor on top of which to build their yurts.

This is a wonderful idea for people who need more space or have a growing family. The first floor can be used to house a kitchen and common living area while the second floor can be reserved for the bedrooms. A two story yurt is a fun and much cheaper alternative to the common American two story family home.

The Double Yurt Home


Sometimes one isn’t enough. Another option for those people who need extra space is to build two yurts and then connect them. The yurts can be connected directly, or a connection space can be used.

The double yurt design allows you to have all the space you need for you and your family while keeping costs much lower than a similar sized regular home. In a double yurt, one can be used to house the kitchen and common living area while the other can house the bedrooms.

Another option is to create an asymmetric yurt. In this design you have one small yurt that is attached to a bigger yurt. With this option some people will choose to create a master bedroom with a bathroom in the small yurt, which is separated from the main living area.

The Lake Yurt Home


Who says that a yurt home needs to be your main home? Yurts are a wonderful option for a second “vacation” home that you can set up on a plot of land by a lake, river, or mountain. This is a very popular option that gives you a place to escape to on weekends and vacations.

Design the inside with a lakeside cabin feel. Put in a fireplace, wooden floors, and plenty of rugs. A few comfortable couches and a lofted bedroom is all you need to create the perfect lake getaway for you and your loved ones. Years of fishing and hiking await.

The Yurt Complex


What if you want to live just a few yards away from your family and closest friends? Why not buy a piece of land and construct a complex of yurts on it which you can use as a place to spend family vacations together, or even a place that you can one day retire to and be surrounded by the people closest to you. It doesn’t sound like a very bad option to me.

Whatever your idea and vision is, a yurt home is a perfect place to paint that picture. With the low cost of yurts, and the relative ease of construction anyone can have their dream home, I truly hope that someday you get yours.

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